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The Time Travel Movie
Hamilton > 03

winner of the coveted most sweary film award.
another GROUNDHOG DAY-type time loop thing? as with most time travel movies I found it a bit hard to follow. I thought there was going to be a play on the audience's expectations and that the two dudes were in a relationship, rather than the protagonist making a move on his mate's girlfriend as first implied (might just have been the line "I can't do this anymore!" that lead me to think that..). I thought the ending was a bit weird, but having the film continue to play out over the credits filled in some gaps in the narrative.
Good production values- great sound design in particular. Excellent commitment from the lead actor jumping into that manky and presumably freezing pool.

Effective sound design. Some gain differences between clips but cool. Nice audio transitions.
Really liked the underwater cutaways and shots in the pool scene.
Colour muted, nice music.