Party for one

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The Musical OR Dance Movie
Hamilton > 03

This team takes a tried-and-true approach to the dreaded musical or dance genre- just make a normal movie but have the protagonist dance around instead of walking or whatever.
Great set-dressing for the party scene- you know the party's over when the fairy lights are turned off. The shaving scene also got audible gasps from the audience- it's a shame the horror genre was not here this year as you obviously show a flair for that. Liked the constant reference to "going out with the boys".
Ultimately the plot was not plausible because my understanding of young people is that they don't talk to each other on the phone (or even face to face?).

One thing that really stood out for me was the lighting at the party location - shot at night, I couldn't see any ISO noise and everything seemed to have a lot of detail retained. Very well done there :)