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The Coming-of-Age Movie
Hamilton > 03

laughs from the get-go (the tracking shot on the man-bun got me.. although on second thoughts the intro was very funny too!) in this father/son reunion movie.
an uptight dad getting help from his randy old therapist to get to know his 17 year old son he's only just met.
Kind of plays out as a reverse of the more 'traditional' coming-of-age film as the dad makes steps to relate with the teen.
Enjoyable performances and the silver fox make-up and costume of the therapist was great.
Technically very proficient with gratuitous focus-pulls and an overhead shot from a really tall tree.

Easily one of the top contenders this year - everything about this is fantastic!

Yeah. That was dope. Was corny to begin with but you won me over when you said ''TUMEKE'' High production value, I can see why you guys won the Hamilton region. Sadly it didn't make the Grand Finals but try again next year. You guys have amazing talent and potential. Chur