Covert Flirtation

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The Opposites Attract Movie
Hamilton > 02
A one man team from Hauraki Plains College first 48 hour film

Very young team. I liked it. Made me laugh. Keep on going guys. :)

A cop on probation (idk) is given a shady contract from a sultry-voiced CIA agent to track down a tween criminal who's broken into the crypto-currency vault at the Pentagon (man I love that).
you really had to be on your toes with this one- was throwing all sorts of stuff at the audience from weird, unexpected angles. Can't say I was following 100% but I enjoyed the ride!
Some great content- like chopping up batteries and constant butterfingers in the wind. Also really liked the alarm lighting- well done to the best boy grip.

Pretty good but the storyline was a bit hard to follow. great laughs

Funny. Camp. :)