New Zealand Survivor

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The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Hamilton > 02

Very charming quirky film. It's like a dorky Man vs wild take. Lol. Dunno if the CIA and Pentagon images were cleared. But awesome job kid.


Was a great film that was executed well. Had some great laugh out loud moments and was certainly one to remember. Cannot wait to see what these boys achieve in the future!

From the second scene onwards this becomes more of a 'NZ Bear Grylls'-type thing, ripping into those survival dudes who you know are being followed by a catering crew and all those other luxuries.
Has a real improvised feel to it- like you guys were filming ideas as they came to you (especially the chicken scene) which I really like, but does mean that the film lacks cohesion.


You lads did an excellent job! It was charming and I was laughing the whole way through! Reminded me of the popular cringe comedy style of many YouTuber's I'm excited to see what kind of films you guys come up with as you gain more experience, very creative!

Very fun concept. Love the bad Steve Irwin impressions. Very effective cringe movie, well done team