Darkest Before Dawn

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The Real Time Movie
Hamilton > 02

From what I remember I liked this film. Hard genre to do but you guys managed to pull it off. Hopefully Pepsi doesn't sue. Well done. Slick looking film.

Ultimately delivers a good message that I didn't expect- the vibe was so dark for most of the film.
We open on a child drinking OJ in a bar at night while his mum plays internet solitaire in the background.. then it turns out he was actually just sitting at home in the dark in the middle of the day (don't take this as a negative thing- this little quirk really tickled me).
There's a long as dairy shot that always seems to turn up every year. this one had really smooth camerawork and this bizarre focus/sound effect thing going on which was cool. also a classic interaction with the shopkeeper- tres verite.
the red-light shots of the 'demon' were well done and there was a really sweet drone shot (which i was expecting to see more of.. but i guess few of us in the Waikato have got drones!).
the dialogue was maybe a little overwrought/teenage angsty but i guess the point of the film is that that sort of stuff shouldn't be taken lightly.
also on reflection I don’t think this really conformed to the real-time genre.


Excellent camera work as always guys! I feel like a little less dialogue might have gone a long way as it was hard to tell if the film was intentionally funny or if it was meant to be more sad, which the stiffness of the dialogue delivery didn't help as well. (Please don't take that negatively) Overall the film looked amazing you guys did an awesome job with a tough genre!

Nice camera work and framing, especially at the start in the house. I enjoyed the dairy scene with the unsettling use of focus - stabilizer was a little janky but hey, they're hard to operate!
Liked the dark, moody grade that was there from beginning to middle.
Liked the audio transitions.
Liked the overhead shot.