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The Nature Run Amok Movie
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If this is the creepy film with the girl in the bush. Then yes, this was indeed my top pick for the film's I saw tonight. It stood out for a number of reasons. It reminded me of the Silent Hill video game where the music played an important role in creating a sense of fear. The music and dark visuals within this film created a suspenseful atmosphere of unrest as the girl goes through what appears to be a mental breakdown. It was also shot in an odd but effective scale ratio. If I were a judge (I am not) then this would probably get my pick. Kudos to yous. :)


At first I was confused as to what was happening but then I got the vibe that it was done intentionaly. Gave you the thought that there was something bigger going on. Seemed almost like a horror out of the 90s.


Really enjoyed the film guys, its nice to see a film in the comp that doesn't play on comedy which is easier to do with a lot of these categories. The visuals were beautiful, you didn't over use dialogue and it left you with a feeling of "I want to know what happened!!" This piece would fit perfectly into the universities VP2 experimental films paper!

Okay, here are my shorthand notes from the heats:

"Strong opening shot. Aspect ratio A+. Grade A+. Sound design! Great sense of tension and pacing. Fantastic wides despite square aspect ration (how??!). Decent close-ups. Didn't quite get it - am I too dumb for this?"

Loved it, team. Keem 'em comin!