Lasting Impressions

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The Generation Gap Movie
Hamilton > 02

Big fan of DF10. Same crack up humor. Lighting was a bit inconsistent. Was my 2nd fav film this heat but I voted as audience fav because of the condom scene. Lol.


Where to begin...
There were some memorable moments in this, fantastic gags. Lead actor was great. Overall a good film.

gutted you fellas missed out on cringe/gross-out comedy but still managed to deliver plenty of gags here.
draws from lots of fin de siecle films, most clearly MEET THE PARENTS but also demonstrates a familiarity with the oeuvre of the Farrelly brothers (surely missed out on a THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY-style semen joke with the shaving foam!)
competently-executed and was a big hit with the crowd. I really liked how it was male nudity that brought the characters together in the end- lovely


This short film had me in stitches - great use of comedy for what could've been a tough genre.

Mormon repetition was very fun, and the story was fun overall :)