The Department of Wind

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The Science Fiction Movie
Hamilton > 01

Have to mention Camera Child's intro again- another great one and they always seem to be in pretty varied styles and contrasting to the feature! (at least I'm pretty sure it's this team that always have the good intros- my filing system is an absolute disaster).
Starts with an Attenborough-esque voiceover like a silly Chris Morris-style "enviromation"vpiece about the wind being turned off in 1903 and it being replaced by wind machines.
Really loved this concept and the execution with the blowing into the microphone was so well done (esp. the corresponding varying intensity of blown-out wind noise on the soundtrack). It was pretty funny that it's these dirty buggers in charge of the wind.
Unfortunately after the introduction of the concept it didn't really go anywhere and it did drag a bit in the middle. Also the tummy rumbling noises made me certain there was gonna be a fart joke in there but it never arrived (unless i totally spaced out which is possible)

Good narration voice. Interesting sc-fi concept!
Thought the hungry tummy noises were very gross, which on the one hand made me think some nasty poos were on the way, but on the other were just really enjoyable. The water-soaked bit was a great laugh.