The Journey

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The Coming-of-Age Movie
Hamilton > 01

A deathbed promise sees some boys go find their father. First of all- great death bed scene, hit all the key points required.
the dialogue was a bit low in the mix and hard to hear at times. the day-for-night shooting under the bridge was really cool (was just thinking to myself the other day that you don't really see that sort of thing that often anymore) and there was great commitment to the stunt work from one of the leads (that first slip in particular- yikes!).
There was a hint of conflict or drive or something in the plot when one of the characters wanted to give up, but ultimately the story was a bit baggy. Good use of run-down farm and central Morrinsville locations.

Enjoyed the use of the cool cow shed location, and I liked the convincing day-to-night colour grade when our heroes nap.