Gone South

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The Holiday Movie
Hamilton > 01

big DELIVERANCE vibes here as a couple of lads go down south.
Great abundance of jokes bashing southeners (I've met some before and they're all like that), loved the laconic performance of the car owner. Have to mention that the car was totally wrecked- brilliant use of that asset. Excellent pyrotechnics (shot Big J)- spectacular. also really enjoyed the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE dinnertime vibe.
cracked up at the rewound 'backing out' shot- great way of getting around what I'm guessing was a lack of coverage (we've all been there)

Loved this film, full of good kiwi humour and some crazy hillbillies.
Great use of the wrecked car,

Loved the firework projectiles and the wrecked car! That's some dank production design haha. I also enjoyed the teleporting redneck at the end :)