House Sitting

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The Wrong Place / Wrong Time Movie
Hamilton > 01

House sitting for a weirdo takes an inevitable turn..
having wind as a required element this year has been really great- good blown-out dialogue on the doorstep.
Chekhov's gun case and bodies in the basement apply here and thankfully you delivered.
The whole package here was classic 48h- brilliant performances and scripting. Love that at the first sign of danger they go for the gun (which was beside the cereal?).
the police lights were cool and the last line cracked me up "god damnit it's the police"- abrupt ending but nothing more needs to be said eh

Nice, convincing gunshots with audio very well placed in the mix. Loved the convincing creepy basement and light flickering - very cool.
The tone was fantastic. The premise is so dark and moody, but none of the characters seem to take any of it seriously - love it!