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The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Hamilton > 01

A video dating service for those with a taste for princesses. Lots of piece-to-camera interviews mixed with some behind-the-scenes/outtakes.
Took a while for me to warm to this one cos of the kinda mockumentary-vibe but I got swept up with the manic, anarchic energy that takes over.
Really lewd gags delivered thick & fast and lots of humour milked from the princess' inflated views of themselves crashing against the narrator's dry attitude.
Effective editing but a few sound issues (the dialogue was sometimes a bit quiet). The "natural wind" was funny and all the performers really committed to the silliness of their roles.

Certainly a wild one! Very much enjoyed a lot of individual aspects. The costuming was very fun - inspired by some blatant copyright infringement (which is, in my opinion, very metal)
The Fortnite dances, the swear bleeps, the meta wind: Amazing.