Big Boys

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The Buddy Movie
Dunedin > 02

Another good film from this team. Some great moments and generally a solid script but it could probably have been edited down a little shorter and tighter for better impact.

It did do a fantastic job of selling clapping hats, I really want one now.

Great movie.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

A good, solid story followed up with well executed storytelling. In film making the general rule is: 'Story is King', and this is how Watson and Cricket secured their second City championship here. Straight from the opening shot they visually grab your attention, a quick establishment of the main character's plight means they can spend the bulk of their remaining time on the trial and fall of the protagonist. Top this off with a happy ending that doesn't feel forced, an ending shot that ties into the start, and seamless integration of the required elements, and we are left with a pretty solid winner. Well done :)