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The Holiday Movie
Dunedin > 02

A couple of dark tourists get more than they bargained for from a mystery holiday. As always, the underdogs combine brilliant cinematography with kooky retro art direction and a stunning outdoor location. Also as always, the story left plenty of loose ends for the audience to figure out. Definitely room for a more satisfying conclusion, which was a bit of a letdown after the triumph of digging a few random holes before finding what they were looking for. Overall a visual feast which could benefit from a tighter script.

2 Guys get stuck on a beach on some holiday.

Unfortunately nothing happens throughout the entirety of this film. The pacing felt slow and there was no real story, besides the camera cutting to 2 people either lying around or searching for something.

Definitely could have ended better, maybe some plot twist could have saved this film? But overall they made a film and that in itself is an achievement!

Miguel Nitis
city manager

This was the top pick by one of the Dunedin Judges!
Well shot, professional footage and great acting by the two gents. Unfortunately it does fall short with the sudden ending, and with the ocean in the background and footsteps all over their location, it really doesn't seem like a life-or-death situation apart from their conviction that it is.
That said, the humour is spot-on, and the subtle special effects and drone footage keep the audience attention rapt.
Well done!