A Grave Occupation

Average: 2.9 (1 vote)
The Wrong Place / Wrong Time Movie
Dunedin > 02

This film had a great overall feel and style to it which helped the story along. A couple of great gags helped reinforce that this film doesn't take itself too seriously and the main actress did a great job.

The ending was clever if you didn't think too hard about it.

I'd love to see this team back next year trying for a bit more polish in their production values, I think they have a lot of potential.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

Stuck to genre well with Death coming for John Smith literally in the wrong place and time.
The team needs a little work with regards to cinematography, with the opening being very strong, but later shots suffering with some focus and lighting issues. i.e. using a lighting bounce board. Mixing up the music a bit more may have also been helpful.
Great acting from Angela Seyb! Small nuances in her acting show a character who is outwardly dead, but enjoys what she does. I can't help but think that she may have channeled Wednesday Addams for this role. Angela carries the film brilliantly; we'll be looking for her in future 48hour films :)