Spylent Night

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The Secret Identity Movie
Dunedin > 02

Always fun to see people voluntarily making musicals, and after the success of MURDER SHE RAPPED a couple of years ago, it makes perfect sense. The actual genre of hidden identity was set up nicely by a whodunnit plot which unfolds throughout the musical, but I do wonder if all the Christmas theming was really necessary to tell the story. Felt a bit like watching three genres muddled together, which can work when it is motivated by story, but is otherwise distracting. The expected twist at the end still had impact thanks to some clever clockwork prop use. Most importantly, I think this team had a lot of fun.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

Another great rap from THLP!
Great jokes, great song, and lots of laughs throughout! With a few tweaks (Audio quality and cinematography) this team could take a top prize in the next few competitions. The syncing of lips to lyrics is a bit out and the footage quite grained (Probably from low light rather than old camera gear), but this was still a quality short film that kept the audience in the palm of their hands.
And if they keep rapping, I'll buy their CD one day :D