The Malthus Trail

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The Buddy Movie
Dunedin > 02

Anyone familiar with the work of Thomas Malthus will have an inkling of where this story is going, but the twist was executed elegantly. The film slips from action to accidental comedy when we're treated to a realtime chase scene involving a limping character and some casual walking. The close up on the frozen peas was a good way to hang a lantern on the limp, but some tighter editing could have created more tension in what should have been the climax of the film. Stunning sunset shot at the end, nicely done.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

Two women hunt down top scientists who might save humanity from a deadly virus. The Malthus Trail forgoes the introduction and skips straight to the middle of their story, opting to tell us what is happening by slipping details into the dialogue rather than show us. This frees up a bit of time and allows them to pace themselves towards the conclusion.
The dialogue is a bit clunky and delivery is forced, but the story on the whole is actually pretty good. Great camerawork and use of the gorgeous local landscapes also help, with some excellent visuals throughout (I found myself wanting to take a bushwalk afterwards). With a bit of work on sound and script, this will be a team to keep an eye out for.