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The Nature Run Amok Movie
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A zombie apocalypse, but with plants. Clever use of location, having the Chinese garden stand in for the walled compound of mankind's last stand against the botanimorphs. Unfortunately the film fell a little flat, as we don't get to meet any other survivors or botanimorphs before an abrupt revelation and ending. A solid concept which required just a bit more execution.

Miguel Nitis
city manager

Nature Run Amok is a bit of a tough genre, so the idea of having plants infect or invade is a great take on it! The concept for 'Eden' is not uncommon (people sheltering after/during an apocalyptic event, then a stranger visits and is their undoing). I think that if done properly, the botanimorph version of this trope could easily form the basis for a feature-length film. But here the ideas really need more time to flesh out properly, i.e. the reveal of an infection should be the middle of the movie, and the characters dealing with the situation from this point is the basis for the rest of the story. At 2.5 minutes there's plenty of time that could have been filled with more storyline.