Isaac and the knife

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The Coming-of-Age Movie
Dunedin > 01

An earnest take on the coming of age genre. Great to see Hopespun play it straight when most teams opt for the goofball comedy approach. Some good cinematography and acting, especially from the young boy. Sadly couldn't vote for this film in audience favourites, so I'm guessing we'll see this team pick up another best disqualified award.

Nice movie. Really enjoyed the acting

Miguel Nitis
city manager

Homespun keeps getting better and better! This was a lovely, relaxed-paced, visually interesting short. The team really excels with their cinematography, utilising depth-of-field and some really lovely scenery (Though a steadycam and tripod might give them that little extra boost). Added xylophone and some decent acting on the part of the little boy makes this a wonderful 48hour entry.
The adult actors unfortunately draw attention to themselves with their awkward delivery, and the footage goes out of focus until the last three shots, but this doesn't really affect the movie as a whole. It's a shame this film was disqualified, because it probably would have made the city finals.