The Fifth Ship

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The Wrong Place / Wrong Time Movie
Christchurch > 09

You had some great dialogue!! very clever, I enjoyed it a lot.
I hope I don't offend anybody by saying this, but the main guy just seemed very young, like a teenager, married to an adult, maybe you just have a baby face dude :') You guys still pulled off some solid acting regardless of the fact.
I missed what the biker guy said unfortunately but it must have been a laugh cause the audience was definately into that final moment, well done!


A couple of early settlers arrive on the shores of New Zealand to start their new life.

Yeah, initially I thought they were mother and son so casting didn't quite work for me when I found out they were married. Historically, the women would have been younger. Regardless this was beautifully shot, taking advantage of the natural environment. The voice over got a bit breathy in parts which took me out of the moment. I liked the rising relationship tension when they were climbing the hill and the pay-off at the top was great.

Nice work.

ambitious concept. mostly pulled off. the costumes, locations and writing are all spot on to make it work.

I found the middle section of the film a bit of a slog.

the ending was hilarious though :D

Alexander Jones
city manager

A really strong ending, and really great attention to detail with the period piece aesthetic.

I agree with some of the other reviewers, the characters looked very different in age.

I got a bit bored halfway through, maybe I'm just not a period piece guy, but I think the sharp wit of the narration, while very well written, wasn't enough to carry me through pretty plain imagery. I'd have liked to have seen something more exciting on screen.

TITLE REVIEW: It's good! I nice kind of namesake for the story to be based upon.