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The Opposites Attract Movie
Christchurch > 09

There was some pretty good lines delivered from the actors and it was well shot you had some nice lighting etc.
A little too dark sometimes like I couldn't make out all the faces to know who was who, did it have to be set at night time? A day time burglarly would have probably been okay too, perhaps you had no choice on this.

It ended a lot faster than I thought it would, would have liked to see more interaction with the main dudes doppleganger, just to see how opposite they really were. '

Nice effort overall, well done guys


When a guy breaks into a house he inadvertently finds out that doppelgangers are produced for all those who enter.

A solid premise, (perhaps 'Us' inspired?) but ultimately it was so hard to see what was going on - especially in the early kitchen scenes.Not sure why you felt the need to beep the swearing - kind of took me out of any moments. A lot of talk too - would have liked a bit more action and given the situation, tension.

unfortunately I couldn’t follow what was happening here.

from what I did pick up it felt like on the friday night the team came up with a cool and artistic premise. but i don’t think the filmmaking pulled it off.

also did the film turn into a documentary half way through? or did the camerawork just chance pace completely?

Alexander Jones
city manager

Hmm. The performances in this film kinda feel like all the actors got drunk before filming? Everyone has this slurry delivery of their dialogue and floaty movement about them, it felt like I'd been transported back to a couple of bad nights in high school.

Because of this, I didn't really follow the story. It was a house full of clones? Not really sure what was going on here.

I encourage you to be a bit more focused in the story next time, make sure your narrative is clear to the audience.

TITLE REVIEW: I mean, sure, it's an appropriate title and a cool word.