A Monkey Dances for the Revolution

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The Musical OR Dance Movie
Christchurch > 09

Have my children Tommy Dub


Um, so a monkey goes to New York (?) and dances for the revolution?

I didn't take too many notes with this as you really had to concentrate on the screen. The animation moved quick at times, and at other times there was none. Some of it transitioned smoothly, at other times it was a bit haphazard. It was also LOUD! So many visual images for such simple drawings. Not 100% what was going on but it's really worth another watch.

from what i understood i liked, the commentary on social media?

problem is i couldn’t follow most of it.

Alexander Jones
city manager

The reviews for this film are way too harsh! They just didn't 'get' it, Tommy.

You straddle an interesting line here, between lazy animation and art style and something stylistic, and I'm leaning towards the latter.

I love how straight up weird and nonsensical everything is. I love the look of the monkey. My favourite part was the crudely drawn laughing characters, and "Freeze Zucker" was great.

I will concede however, that the crudeness of the art makes a lot of the story pretty difficult to follow. I understood the broad strokes, but I got kind of lost somewhere in the middle.

I guess ultimately, while I love the scribbly aesthetic, this film maybe just stopped short of its full potential? Whatever exactly that is.

TITLE REVIEW: Love this title. Probably third best title of the year.