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The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Christchurch > 08

The lizard person showing up at the start was hilarious.

Great concept here, it's a shame it was so hard to hear what was going on at times, that's definately your note for next year, wind is a bitch.


When a woman catches on to the existence of reptilian humans they take drastic action against her.

This was actually quite a restrained effort by Team Fireworks. Book ending the kidnapping was a good narrative device to use. Camerawork and editing was pretty good and I especially liked the close-up of the snakes etc in the grass at the beginning. The wind did play havoc in a couple of scenes - should've borrowed a microphone (Ha!) Loved the inclusion of random dog guy - bring him back next year.

Another instant classic from Team Fireworks

As always. Batshit crazy and confident as all hell

Alexander Jones
city manager

I really like the ideas in this movie, and while I don't know if we go anywhere all that captivating, it's still really funny.

This is clearly a team who have got their 48hour filmmaking down to a fine science.

I'm not sure why the woman was named Margaret Thatcher but it was one of my favourite jokes of the year.

TITLE REVIEW: I'm not sure I understand where "Invoke" comes from?

My first Team Fireworks experience. WOW. Wild ride! Great commitment to the craziness of your story. The lizard people looked great. And loved the megaphone scene.