More Than You

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The Coming-of-Age Movie
Christchurch > 07

So, a young woman discovers she is pregnant and needs to tell everyone involved, 'cos it's more than just you, right?

For awhile I found it hard to place our lead actors, were they supposed to be at school or work? I guess both! Some issues explored in this that are relevant to teams and if the message was to think of the needs of others then it was delivered. There was a distinct lack of pace, though, and a tighter edit would have lifted the quality of this short.

Liked your intro that put the knife into Dolphin. Nice!

Poor Dolphin :')

Difficult topic handled pretty well. Some bits probably went on a little longer than they had to. Satisfying ending! Well done, another great story from Yikes.

Throwing shade at Dolphin was absolutely amazing.

Then the meta commentary we heard play out in the heat. Amazing.

The film was also quite something.
Well made serious toned film.

There was a moment where it felt like the film pivoted from being one kind of film into another type of film (it was a change for the better) but it probably should have been the second kind of film from the very start

Alexander Jones
city manager

This film takes its time, and in some places its a nice change of pace, and in others it feels like it could be tighter.

I loved Yikes's film last year, and while I applaud you for trying out a few new ideas and techniques this year, ultimately I don't think it quite landed.

Part of it felt like the actors were maybe a little too young? Or is that the point? I don't quite understand the life situation of the lead girl either, she seemed so independent and living alone, but then the whole film ends with her having to tell her dad?

But also, we never actually see her Dad. I think the story would have been more effective to have the Dad play a larger role, and make the film about their relationship. Maybe its a strained relationship, but after she tells him she's pregnant, he is shown to be understanding and love her still and support her?

TITLE REVIEW: More Than You is a wonderful pitch perfect title for the coming of age genre. I love it.

Good coming of age plot, well made, could have been a tighter edit to keep the pace up but well done