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The Science Fiction Movie
Christchurch > 07

Two young women discuss how cool it would be to meet a real-life alien. And, it just might come true.

Nice use of stock footage in this and in general a solid concept that was well edited. Maybe it was just the screening but some of the shots seemed a bit dark. The alien visit looked inspired from Back To The Future and was well-received by the audience. Good talent in this team so keep at it!

This was a real clever take on the genre. Possibly a few too many references for my taste but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. The overhead shot at the end was really great.

Good tone, fun references. Good use of stock footage.
Fun film. Great sound design.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A lot of fun, and some great gags which got laughs from the audience.

Story kind of feels like a non-event though. Would have preferred more action throughout.

Also, the character was clearly not an alien because they were wearing a branded helmet.. Although in the end I guess no one was actually fooled. OR they were because she actually was an alien? Twisty stuff.

TITLE REVIEW: ATTACK FROM SPACE has great 1950s alien serial vibes. Nice.

The concept of this is great for a short film it was well made reasonably funny and good twist, well done