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The Generation Gap Movie
Christchurch > 07

When an old man and a younger man come into conflict in a park they settle their differences by having a rap battle!

An efficient shoot this with two actors and one location. Ambitious too by adding the rap element which could have been a great idea if you'd improved your audio. It just needed a richer, stronger sound to dominate the screen and really blow the audience away. Some good lyrics though and the dance moves, (although repetitive) were some of the best we've seen this year.


This was such a brilliant concept for generation gap I loved it so much.
Great dancing too, loved that shot that was really far away from the actors.
It was a shame I couldn't hear most of the rap though, music was just too loud and the rapping was too muffly.

Hate to say it but i really struggled to follow this film because I couldn’t hear the rapping.

Which is a shame because it looks like you put a lot for work into the lyrics.

Fortnite dance

Alexander Jones
city manager

A lot of passion in this filmmaking. The raps seemed genuinely well thought out, but alas, you needed better microphones because I could barely make out any of the lyrics.

Plays out more like a youtube sketch than a short film, but maybe that's okay.

My favourite parts were the wide shot from across the park that just made them all look silly, and that one lyric I did catch about old people all being racist.

TITLE REVIEW: Differences gets straight to the point. Nice job.

Did you want musical? an interesting take on generation gap, fun and well done generally at times the rap was difficult to understand,