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The Science Fiction Movie
Christchurch > 07

A young conspiracy theorist is interviewed about his views on ChemTrails.

A real simple approach taking here which is one way to tackle 48HRS. Basically the entire film is an interview with some different angles thrown in every now and then. As a result, it does make it all a bit same-same. It's a great idea but I think you could have had a lot more fun with it my extending the story wider than the couch.

Hope you'll be back next year.

umm your genre was science fiction not sCieNcE FAcT.

Very funny, although ended so quick I questioned whether you were actually serious about it - did we just watch a PSA and have no idea? damn...

Must be aliens.

Didn’t really play like a short film to me, more like a bad YouTube video you find when you’ve been staying up too late

Better luck next year?

Alexander Jones
city manager

With this film, it feels like you guys landed on making fun of ChemTrail conspiracies as your story, but then forgot to actually put any jokes into the film after that initial quirky premise?

All the guy's answers were either very earnest or very sad. If you're gonna go wacky, I think you needed to turn the dial up to 11.

TITLE REVIEW: ChemTrails works! Sure.

I don't know if a conspiracy theory mockumentary really nails the genre, generally the audio of the interviewer was quiet and some of the cuts were random