When Nature Calls

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The Nature Run Amok Movie
Christchurch > 07

MJ accepts an offer from a friend to house sit. There are a few instructions the most important being "Water the Plants".

Some nice shots in this and the initial set up work really well - we knew early on the she was going to ignore the plants and so we just had to wait for the action to start! And, this is the slight issue - it seemed to take along time before we got the plant response and therefore nature running amok and some real action! Next time try to work on your audio levels as they were a bit variable which in turn made some of the dialogue hard to understand.

Nice work!

I absolutely loved the plant affects at the end of this film. As already mentioned by MistaTeas, took probably a little too long to get to that moment, and the audio was pretty messy. Overall a real solid attempt at a difficult genre, well done!

Fun effects with the vines.
‘Violet is probably just messing with us’ made me laugh

The film takes too long to get to the point though,
Peaking audio
Too many shots from inside the fridge.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A really great and classic take on one of the year's most dynamic genres!

That being said, I'm not sure if it was pulled of to as grand of a scale as it could have been, giant plants attacking feels like it should be a go big or go home kinda deal.

Maybe you could have gone full CRAB CRAB CRAB and made a giant plant man costume?

TITLE REVIEW: Feels a little simple, but nothing wrong with it.

I liked the premise of this film, it was the right sort of idea for this genre in 48 hours, a couple of things that would have made it a bit better would be more dynamic shots and watching the audio which peaked during the party scene, overall the story was good