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Christchurch > 07

When a best friend dies in an accident she ends up coming back in an effort to get into heaven.

Classic stuck in limbo story with the recently departed needing help from the living and in this short, played for laughs. The leads were strong in delivering some good humour. Technically there were a few focus issues and some of editing choices were slightly odd. A solid short film!

Really good concept here, a little slow paced at points but you were commited to your acting the whole way through.

You had some odd cuts, possibly to fill in gaps? a little distracting, but that's how this competition goes I guess, always going to have bugs like that.

A lot of weird humour in this film that i was a fan of.
The idea of hazing in the afterlife was good. also Jesus yelling at people.

To be continued is a bold way to end the film, or they gave up in editing?

Alexander Jones
city manager

I think there is a very promising sense of humour and grip on storytelling in the film, which could see this team improve drastically in future years.

As it stands though, we do have somewhat of a mess here, technical issues abound, it was hard to hear the dialogue in some scenes.

Pacing was a little off, it would have been nice to see the story work with the half-improvised performances instead of grinding to a halt for them.

Not sure I like the To Be Continued ending. Feels like you guys just gave up. Or maybe next year's film will be the sequel? That would be interesting.

TITLE REVIEW: 420 Haze It certainly made me curious.

To me it seemed like this film suffered a bit from the 48 hours time pressure and while it was a good film it needed some extra polishing to bring it up a level,
The audio at the beginning was LOUD, the levels changed throughout the movie, a sound effect on the punch would have helped and as others have mentioned the randomness of cuts particular at the end overall an enjoyable funny story