miss galaxy 3000

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The Science Fiction Movie
Christchurch > 07
Was great to see this bunch of 11-12 year olds experience what it takes to complete a film in 48 Hours. Want to learn how to make a movie? Go and make one! Tough, last minute decisions were made in editing, and real lessons were learned in planning under pressure, as well as managing an overload of ideas. Genuine leadership emerged in the making of this, and the girls are now much better educated in the processes and were overcome with joy when their film was submitted, Well done!

A spaceship hurtles through space, ending up on a desolate planet. On board are a couple of friends one of whom has just revealed to the other that she's an alien! Anyway, they get forced into competing in the "Miss Galaxy 3000" pageant.

Nice green-screen work and overall energy. The sequences with the host of the show were real visual stand-outs and you got the absolute most out of your actor. Loved the cross-over moment with "Breens B-Roll". Not too many in the theatre would have got it but those that did were the ones laughing! I had shades of the Rick and Morty episode "Get Schwifty" with this short so well done! Hopefully this team has got the bug and we'll see them back in future years.

I think your guys energy really showed in this film, you clearly had an awesome time putting it together. The green screen was fun, a little goofy at some points - I thought your overhead shot was a nice touch.

I struggled to follow some of the story points but you were committed to your acting and carried the film through to the end so well done!

In terms of editing for next year, make sure you tighten up each shot to not go for too long (like those shots of the host guy - hilariously too long), just show each shot for long enough to get the information across, that would be my main note for next year.

‘Listen Fembot’ made me laugh.

Was there a cross over with another 48hours film from this year? XD XD

Great use of the dog.

Fun film overall. Looks like everyone had fun making it. Good work getting the film in on time :)

Alexander Jones
city manager

Some great ideas, and it looks like you guys all had a lot of fun!

Story was a little difficult to follow, and I don't understand why the characters simply jumping up and down was enough of a performance to guarantee them the win.

TITLE REVIEW: Miss Galaxy 3000 lets me know exactly what I'm in for! Great job.

Some very well done effects the green screen, the changing of volume of the announcers voice as we move into the room was a great detail that can often be missed in the rush of 48 hours,
an amusing cross over that only of the audience would have understood, one critique is that the vem bot voice while it did sound unnatural it was quite difficult to understand