It's Christmas, Eve

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The Holiday Movie
Christchurch > 06

This film captured the emotions many families probably have toward the holidays and is so far unique in this approach, the monologue scene would have been strong with some reaction shots from the sister, the end may have also benefitted from a brief parallel shot of what the lead did instead overall a good short film

What an interesting take on the genre! I was really impressed with the concept. The audio was clean and you had some really great cinematography too - that shot of them turning the car on at the start was really nice, and the christmas shots at the end were really great too.

In fact there isn't actually many notes that come to mind in terms of improvement, besides what J Frog already said about some reactions from the other girl would have been good....I guess I just would have liked to see more generally? More developments, more story, I'm not quite sure what you would have done though...

Your team intro was amazing.


A young woman picks her sister/step-sister up from the airport for a family Christmas that she doesn't want to attend.

Yip, nicely shot considering it all took place at night. Smart use of the lighting available in the car parks you used. (Was that Lincoln New World?) Good acting and some interesting tension created. As mentioned above not a lot happens outside of the conversation which is only about one thing. The ending didn't really do it for me as we get a conclusion where nothing really changed.

Polished and accomplished. Well done!

Simple straightforward take on the genre. Respect for doing a serious take, but ultimately It didn’t engage me all that much. Then it felt like a big chunk of the film played out during the credits?

Good looking film though, no issues on the technical side

Alexander Jones
city manager

The thing I love most about this film is its use of genre. Nothing is more relatable than having stressful family drama over the holidays.

The film is shot well, and the audio is captured well. The idea of coming home for the holidays is such a ubiquitous scenario for so many people, and a great choice in jumping off point.

However, the performances felt a little undercooked, and beyond the premise, which I really loved, the story feels a little unresolved.

I say this because while we get kind of a peek into the drama of this family, and we see the Christmas dinner without Eve there, but... so what? What's the lesson here? What's the resolve? I think this film would have benefited from a happy ending, or something with a bit more closure that leaves the audience, and the characters, changed. The holiday genre is a great chance to tell something a bit wholesome and powerful.

Also, more of a nitpick than my other points, but whaaaat is the relationship between the two lead characters? Sisters? Half sisters? Step sisters? I'm pretty sure characters refer to two different people as "Dad" at different points and it wasn't clear until I thought about what they were saying.

Anyway, a solid entry none-the-less and a big step up from your film last year, which felt a little flavourless. I think this year you guys had a very rich and intriguing atmosphere, I would have just liked to have seen the story go to more places.

TITLE REVIEW: It's Christmas, Eve is great. One of the best titles of the year.