Lost Soles

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The Opposites Attract Movie
Christchurch > 06

This was a good warm hearted movie, unfortunately it might suffer as this premise was done in the last few years ago but the team had full sized sock costumes, putting that to one side this was well shot and managed to tell a heart warming story with out dialogue well done

Awww I really really liked this one.

I liked the repetition although I think it wouldn't have hurt to perhaps have more angles of the repetitive parts, just to spice it up and keep it fresh throughout. The story itself was very sweet although it seemed to just sort of be a little flatline - as in quite easy to get from point A to B without any conflict, that would be my main note, I can't remember seeing a problem or issue, things just sort of go well the whole way through.

A really cute wholesome film that got one of my votes :) nice job guys


Socks. They lose their partners and hook up with new ones.

Shot from the perspective of socks this non-dialogue film offered a sweet point-of-difference in the heat. It was rather repetitive though and lacked any real punch to keep me invested in the journey.

Cue heartfelt movie.

Ultimately though I tuned out pretty quickly.

Which is a shame, 48hours needs more filmmaking like this one.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A really cute film, and a cute way of adapting the "opposites attract" genre.

I wouldn't have been brave enough to attempt a film like this, I relish actors and dialogue too much. This film mostly pulls it off though.

That being said, while I get the gist of the story, and love the real human love story that exists outside of the socks, the specifics are a little unclear to me, this may be because of the repetition in the beginning, or because of the socks looking similar, and the competition mandated shot of the sock puppets (mandated because this fulfilled a few of the elements in one go with things socks themselves cannot do). Are the socks actually alive? Were they manipulating the humans into being together so that they could be together? Not sure.

I agree with Rowan, 48Hours needs more films like this, and in a year with a standard that maybe wasn't quite so high, I think this film could have made it to the finals.

The audible cringe from the audience when one of the characters walks out onto the wet pavement in their socks was so great. Also love the ending, where they run out to, presumably, cute adventures together (and take their socks off first) is awesome. So much of this story is told through implication. Great stuff.

My favourite scene was the visual storytelling moment where the love interests nervously move closer together into playing footsies, a great way to show their romantic body language with only their feet! Unless the socks are actually alive and are controlling them?

TITLE REVIEW: Lost Soles is great, though I associate soles with shoes more than socks? I'm by no means a sock expert so I could be wrong here.