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The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Christchurch > 06

funny gross movie, the middle suffered slightly and might have been better if everyone was a bit grosser in the cut aways overall well shot good sound and probably going to be in for one of the best top down shots

I'm not quite sure how to review this one O_o

Probably just a bit much for me - I suppose that means you did your job! Cringe comedy. Now that I think about it, that's well played.

Well done lol


A group of YouTubers/Influencers get together to help/hinder one of them finding her "thing".

Yip, kinda gross and cringe, kicking off with recycled condoms and a character called "Fanny Annie". The audio was a bit rubbish at times but you pulled off an effective slo-mo and you can't question the commitment of your scantly clad actress at the films end.

Ironically about half way through i was wondering if they were done with the cringe element.

Then they delivered the motherload.

Funny film but overall quite messy

Alexander Jones
city manager

Pretty gross! Felt bad about forgetting to give a content warning for this one D:

I feel like you guys just brainstormed the grosses situation possible, and then worked backwards from "How do we get to end with someone being doused with a bucket of cum?"

I can't take away marks for crudeness, that was in the genre! And I actually really like this concept, I think it just needed to be a little tighter. It wasn't until watching it a second time that I fully understood what was happening.

Solid effort team.

TITLE REVIEW: Influence Me feels a little easy. I think there's something better hidden in here somewhere.