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The Generation Gap Movie
Christchurch > 06

This theme of younger generation spending to much time on the phone has been common in this genre this movie has done the best job of it that I have seen so far, it had some good shots however often heads would be cut off and slightly wider shots might have been better if possible, also at time some of the shots last to long and it could have benefitted from a tighter edit. The very end seemed to be jarring or slightly cut off the audio was fading out but the picture just kind of cut I thought the scene had a little bit more that could have played out, Overall a good movie


A disconnected dad drops his disconnected son off at granddad's house

When this started I was reminded of a TV ad that explores the same idea - McDonalds I think. Some nice shots are mixed in with some average ones that seemed to linger and linger. You do see the message of this film delivered a lot but it's still a good one to explore and you did it nicely. A sweet music number from the granddad in the credits too which was a nice touch.

dang I loovvved the concept here and the death scene connected to the phone dying was quite artistic I was very impressed. Some shots went on a bit too long and some of the indoor stuff was hard to see but overall a really good effort from you guys, nice job!

Almost every team given this genre made nearly the same movie.

Of all this movies, this one was probably the best made.

Heartfelt and serious. Couple of nice film making touches too.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A really cool and quietly sad story.

I think it would have been enhanced if the grandfather unconditionally loved the grandson though, and if taking him to the beach/spending time with him actually had a legitimate effect on him before his death.

There's a part where the grandfather tells the kid to just go outside for a bit, which made it feel like he was just as disconnected as the dad.

Also, by telling him to go outside, it means he's alone for his death. So in a way, it's kind of the grandfather's fault that no one was able to call an ambulance in time?

If this story had been about a disconnected father dropping his disconnected son off at his loving grandfather's house, and the son learns through the grandfather's love that there is more to this world than just being on your phone, and THEN the grandfather dies, and the kid now has no one to hang out with because his dad is still disconnected, I think that would have been a lot heavier.

TITLE REVIEW: I've written DISCONNECTED enough times in this review for it to prove that it is a great title for this film.