The Morrison's

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The Musical OR Dance Movie
Christchurch > 06

A funny movie, well made in terms of sound camera work and editing, a few minor points on the story, it is set up kind of mockumentry vlog style but not really established why the cast talks to the camera also the end seemed like it was just the most convenient way to end the film i thought the set up might have led to the new couple making a viral workout video together or a shot of the daughters celebrating there success in finding the father love


The Morrisons - a family who are addicted to dance! Well, at least the dad is.

Plenty of energy in this from our lead and many great touches of humour. The side story of the two daughters finding love for their dad was a cool twist. The mockumentary style does fall away a little and I think this film could have been made just as successfully without it. Knowing that this was "Plan B" for the weekend makes pulling something like "The Morrisons" out within the time you did it a fantastic achievement.

Great job!

This was a real treat for the audience you had us laughing the whole way through.
Some of the interviews shots were really nice. The commitment from the father to showcase this gross, cringey character was really good.
I think the change over in style was a little jarring, sticking to one structure (mockumentary) the whole way through is pretty important

Funny and shameless

I enjoyed it very much.

Great double take.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A solid effort.

Loved the devotion of the lead actor, this is a performance so embarrassing in some parts that it becomes straight up impressive by the end. I wish I could be as unabashed as this.

A good understanding of story structure. A lot of films like this don't really go anywhere, but this film has a clear beginning, middle and end.

TITLE REVIEW: The Morrisons is obviously the only title for the film. Good job!