All Hallows' Eve

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Christchurch > 05

enjoyed the premise of this film well shot, acted, good sound, edit and costume, but it was lacking an x factor still enjoyable


Acting and makeup was really good in this film. Hard hitting and thought-provoking. I like the way it looked and the dialogue was well written.


Halloween means multiple celebrations and relationship complications for a young couple.

Great make-up, costuming, acting (especially the clown), editing and cinematography. It was all pretty slick. After a bit of reflection it's the story itself that raises a few questions and it's mostly because things that occur are a bit too convenient. Suspicions of infidelity are raised pretty early (including foreshadowing in the opening shots) and then consistently after with opportunities for things to be challenged without actually leading where it did. While the woman gave the impression that she was slightly unhinged it was a big leap I felt for her to get to the point she did with this situation. Not sure why her boyfriend/husband was so careless if he was trying to keep such a secret nor why he saw the clown. People have been critical in the past of shorts that suggest a violent reaction from women is a fair representation or playing into stereotype. It's a perspective.

I did really enjoy this though and expect to see it in the finals. Great work!

FINALS EDIT: I thought this had the greatest impact at the CHCH Final and I enjoyed it even more than the first time. It has high replay value as there are things that you can easily miss - like the wonderful overhead shot at the start. Picked up a few awards but I'll be forever shaking my head as to how it didn't place. Gave it another star!

This was a slick film. In particular the audio editing was on point - the kids at the door felt like they were there even though we never saw them.
It looked fabulous, and the acting was brilliant.

I have some questions as to the end of the story - why the clown changed to the girl, and for that reason, why the clown was the girl, I'm not sure the purpose of it, would the impact have not been as good if she just walked out from behind the clown to reveal she set it all up? I dunno, got a little lost there. Perhaps I just need to see it again.

Likely city finalist here


Something didn't quite hit home with me for the ending so I'm really split on this one. But it looked fantastic with the camera work, the colours and the sharp editing. The acting was great from everyone and I liked the overall idea. Still a highlight from the heat.

Far out, what a film!

Slick as shit, brilliantly produced and designed.

Brilliantly acted, great subversion of the genre. (Benefit of the genre really being a non genre huh?)

I might have missed this one in my finalist prediction list. I really shouldn’t have. I hope to see this one again at a cinema!


You took a fairly standard revenge plot and upped it with great acting and production. Your opening top-down shot floating through the titles over the feast was *chefkiss.gif*. It did feel otherwise a little bit static to me, so maybe next year you can experiment with more locations or motion, but full marks for taking an ambiguous genre prompt and making it memorable. It was good to see you in the finals, so congrats and all the best for next time!

Alexander Jones
city manager

Maaaan I loved this film.

It was such a great surprise, while marathoning all the films, to come across this one and just be completely struck with it. By the time the ending rolled around, my team of watchers and I were just silent. So good.

I think I ranked this second or third place, and I'm really stoked you guys got a couple of well deserved awards on the night.

In particular, the acting, which is so wonderful and nuanced from all 3 of you, in such different ways.

My favourite moment from Emma is her begrudging "okayyy" she mouths to Michael when he tries to convince her that he wants to be here. Such a specific moment to bring up but it was just so natural, and you don't usually see something so casual pulled off so well in this competition.

My favourite moment of Michael has gotta be the perfect mix of confusion and fear when he's tied up. It's so fucking believable and it makes it so scary. Well done on doing the most subtle double take of the competition too, it's really well performed.

My favourite moment from Tel, while there's a lot to choose from, would be his loud jibbering mocking when Michael's character is screaming. I think what's great about Tel's performance is that it's on the opposite side of the spectrum to the other two actors, who are both so understated. It makes the clown that much more terrifying.

- and the decision to perform this character in such a way speaks to the masterful direction as well, among the other myriad of things this film was nominated for. It looks great and it sounds great too. The overhead shot was the only one nominated purely because it looked cool as opposed to the others which served a deeper narrative purpose, and as the overhead shot played during the nominations I heard someone in the audience say "ughhh so goood". Hell yeah.

The story does leave you with a few unanswered questions, but not in the sense that it's too vague or you didn't understand it. It's just mysterious, which is great. My interpretation is that Emma's character is a witch and transformed into the clown to get the truth.

Anyway, overall I loved this film, I loved discovering it unexpectedly, and I loved seeing all the praise it got subsequently.

I hope to see you back next year, The Brothers Boyce could easily win Christchurch in the future.

TITLE REVIEW: All Hallows' Eve is a touch broad, but I can't think of a better title necessarily!

I loved this film. You guys really managed something special here. I know that a horror film is something not easy to set up and payoff in the space of 5 minutes but this film easily delivers. That clown laugh gave me literal chills.

Everything about this film is perfect. From the amazing cinematography, creative use of the elements, to stunning costumes and set design.

It was so wonderful that the elements were used to drive the plot line forward and not awkwardly placed anywhere. Your use of wind was creative and teams should definitely look towards this to see how to incorporate the elements in future years.

After sitting through so many average films during all the heats this one was just a breath of fresh air. I was so sad not to see it place in the city finals but cannot wait to see where you guys go in the national finals! I'm definitely rooting for you to take it out!