Lipstick \kisses

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The Secret Identity Movie
Christchurch > 05

Good use of music, good sound and camera work, seemed like it would have benefitted from leaving the room to let more time pass but overall good and enjoyable


Two cops investigate a crime scene.

An efficient shoot that takes place in one room with two actors which is a smart move with a small team. While you get some nice touches of humour in this it does kind of meander along to an inevitable conclusion. Good performances and solid tech make this an accomplished short.


Nicely shot, and great aesthetic. Liked the twist and music fit really well!

You guys used your space really well and got some really nice shots within the room. Your acting was also really solid and never felt forced or over the top.

The moving of the body to be in line with the floor markings was very funny XD


Technically solid and simply (i.e. effectively) done. The twist was well signposted early so was not a surprise, and it was quite slow and limited in a single room. But I did love that we realise the murder actually hadn't happened yet and therefore everything up to that point was the staging. [Spoiler alert! Oh, too late...!]

Solid one room movie. Nice serious entry.

Plotting and script were clear the film delivers on its concept

Alexander Jones
city manager

Everything about this film operates at quite a high level.

Technical side is great, story is competent, the performances are maybe a little wooden in places but that was maybe intentional.

This film nearly made the shortlist. Was probably at number 26 or 27.

I found myself neither over nor underwhelmed with the story, and maybe the plotting itself could have been more interesting.

Also, as soon as it finished I was immediately struck with how easy it would be to work out who the killer is now, since she'd been working for the police and just killed her partner and is now nowhere to be seen. Perhaps I misunderstood the dynamic.

TITLE REVIEW: I like Lipstick/Kisses a lot. Quite ominous for a crime film.