Timmy Alibim A Legitimate Grown Up

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I enjoyed this movie, lots of fun, a minor note that the conscience voice should have been her own if possible and it could have had a stronger end if there was development/growth shown in the characters decision however it was a good laugh moment as it was but overall well shot and acted


A young girl asks her mum to give her the money for a new console game. Mum says "No" so the young girl is forced to get a job.

Some really good stuff in this. The lead's acting was funny and she did a fantastic job carrying the film.. Plenty of nice camerawork, and solid editing. A solid story arc too which demonstrates that plenty of thought went into making this.

Great job!


Great work guys! The main characters acting made the film! Shots were well used and nice use of the video on the Tv screen :)

Truly adorable. Some hilarious moments between the characters. A bit noisy in places - always good to check your sound levels before you finish up!
That shot at the end when the beard falls off her face was really funny.


What a lovely film this was - your lead carried the film so well and the story was clear and on-point. The technical errors of sound, lighting and focus unfortunately distract from what is ultimately a charming film.

I really enjoyed this film.

In years gone by there was an award for best bad film. And if that was still around then I’d expect this film to be up for it.

Which is not to say this film is bad. No not at all. This film was super charming and really impressive considering the age of the team on display.

My understanding of the best bad film award was that it could be used to recognise a film that while not at the same level as a city finalist. Stood out in its own special way.

This film was that to me, the concept is great, the performances are charming. The film delivers on its idea neatly.

Great work team. Keep making 48hours films!

My favourite part of the film was right on the end when the lead character lands on the couch from what looks like quite a hight.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I really enjoyed the heart of this film!

It's awesome to see such young characters dive into playing lead roles in something too. Ultra 2018 anyone?

The performance of the lead girl was hilarious, whether it was intentional (Her grown up voice and disguise is so funny) or accidental (her struggling to remember the exact amount of money when asking her mum was adorable)

Great overhead shot, reminded me of Boyhood.

Great use of wind

Great ending.

I'd say this team should focus on upping their technical side, but to be honest the roughness is part of the charm

TITLE REVIEW: Now this is interesting, I get the "Legitimate Grown Up" part, but is the name Timmy Alibim ever mentioned in the film? From memory she goes by a different name doesn't she?