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Rozkol (Schism)

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The Science Fiction Movie
Christchurch > 05
Enjoy our entertainment! We perform it during thirty hours without prescriptions, from photograph to photograph, only emotional vision in control. We hope all discover significantly as us, inside brain or planet or belief. Visit of Chicago; enjoying Illinois.

I really need to see this again to work out what it's all about 'cos there's a lot going on. The cinematography is excellent, the split screen cool and effective in it's use. Loved the shots of Chicago - fantastic location. But what is going on? I need someone to explain it to me.

FINALS EDIT: So, a second viewing allows a bit more clarity. I certainly took more in and get that it doesn't really need a narrative and it seems the film-makers weren't worried about delivering one. Absorbing, engaging, suitably wacky. I'll give you another star.


Great cinematography! Awesome use of the split screen, reminded me a little bit of Jordan Peele's 'Us' (2019). Didn't really get it though

Okay so a few things.

- Holy hell this was b e a u t i f u l
- That hallway shot that was awkwardly angled and rotating was incredible
- Best use of Ultra in ChCh in my opinion. The only team that went beyond using split screen to 'show' the story and instead used split screen to 'tell' the story, it wasn't just a window into the world but actually an element of the story telling.
- The sound mix was really great, the audience was totally immersed in what was going on.
- The story itself left me with a few questions, was there a resolution between the characters in the end? What exactly were they chasing eachother over, this may be the thorn in your side when it come to judging... but it's a good excuse to watch it again and again.
- I love your use of foreign language to really make the whole flim a real artistic experience from start to end

I have no idea where this will land with the judges but I'm hopeful to see it at the city finals - It would be such an awesome experience to see it at the Entx theatre. Well done and good luck!


This looked fabulous, beautiful cinematography and I loved it when the split screens aligned up, or the camera movement between the splits. I get that this is something about split personalities but when it ended I wasn't really sure what we were actually learning about the character. I wonder if, had the rules not been 100% split, you'd have merged the final image together to bring the character back to whole?

For my money this is the most cinematic film ever delivered within 48hours.

Visually and sonically. It has no equal. (And the marriage of the two is amazing)

There are techniques on display here that I’m still trying to wrap my head around (like how the heck did they pull that off?) . I can’t recall how long this film was, it flew by. I was into every second of it.

Without the title though, I’m sure I would have been completely lost. (That probably says more about me than it does about the film)

I’m not going to try and understand specifically what the film was saying. I don’t think that’s the point. It communicated a feeling and the abstract nature of an idea quite well,

Story though? Nah not here. (But I’m all in favour of more films being made around ideas or themes than specific storyline’s)

Within the context of the competition I do have two notes.

1. Forth wall break?

I’m sure it was in there somewhere, but i sure missed it and it sure didn’t play into the thrust of the narrative. (An act of protest I assume) - ultra was a bitch this year.

2. Science Fiction... not saying it wasn’t. There just wasn’t anything for me to latch on to in terms of that specific genre. If I were to recommend this film to someone, i wouldn’t describe it as science fiction.

I’m particularly interested to see how the judges take this one. City finals could go ether way in my view. But i expect to see it nominated for a bunch of craft/technical awards. And it will probably win a few too. Possibly all the way up to the National level.


I really dug this. Beautiful cinematography, with very inventive and creepy use of split screen. I like that it's more an aesthetic than a narrative; in a different context, at a different pace, it could be a Thom Yorke music video. Really impressive camera work, fun setting and good vibes. Nice work.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I don't think there's ever been more hype for a 48hour film than this one.

Following Andrew's vicious tirades on facebook over the weekend led a lot of people to expect something fucking weird from the Wolves this year.

And yeah, I think it delivers on that.

Story-wise, there isn't much here, though I'm not sure there needs to be, and I suspect its probably a lot simpler narratively than people may be speculating, either that or it really means nothing at all and its all about visual spectacle.

I think what ties this film up is the time loop, we see the main guy waving at the building (and himself?) at the beginning at the end, but this only works if you actually see him waving at the start, and our attention certainly isn't drawn to it, so I think a lot of people missed it and maybe just thought the film was narrative nonsense. Which it maybe still is, even with the ending.

Really though, who gives a shit about the story when the marriage of cinematography and editing is so impeccable here. The use of split screen is INCREDIBLE and by mastering it, is probably the best "fuck you" to Ultra 2019 that Andrew and Johnny could have given.

There are shots in this film, in particular the panning hallway shot, that are so impressive and mindblowing, I'd be equally as amazed to see them in a big budget film or an HBO show, let alone a 48hour film.

What I like most about this movie is that it kind of spits in the face of everything I personally value in 48hour films, and yet I still really like it. There's no story for me to analyze, the ending is confusing and vague, it's not really immediately accessible, but I think it pumps so much life and passion and goddamn filmmakery into every other aspect that it transcends the bounds of usual 48hours stuff.

It wasn't my personal pick for #3 in Christchurch, but I'm not too upset by this. It's divisive for sure, some people seem to love it while others think it's a waste of time, and perhaps something this different, with such an emphasis on being cinematic, does indeed deserve a placing.

TITLE REVIEW: I like the idea of the Poutine/Deep Dish Pizza Wolves continually handing in films with foreign titles and vibes. However it was fuckin annoying to have to check my spelling every time I had to write it down. hahahah.

This film has such incredible cinematography that it certainly deserves it's placing. Although it did take 2 watches to understand(ish) the film, I just have to say it actually gets better with every watch.

The circulation of the story explains a lot - but also just raises more questions than answers. Is the man in a continuous loop? Is that why we see him waving up at the building in the first shot and conclude with him waving at the same building?

I think that Ultra 100% makes this film - Sorry Andrew - but your complaining and pain during that weekend has birthed a beautiful film.

I'm so excited to see how it goes in nationals!