Dick and Jane

Average: 2.8 (6 votes)
The Gross-Out OR Cringe Comedy
Christchurch > 05

We meet Dick, an average Joe, who one day while walking along the street sees the girl of his dreams. So he dreams...

So the shtick here is the Dick imagines scenarios but then faces the consequences of the reality. The strengths of the film were these fantasy sequences as the retro chic costuming was rather groovy, man. It's weakness was that it probably needed a couple more as the story really went nowhere and there was no pay-off. The dance at the end was fun 'n' all but pretty pointless.

Enjoyable but it seemed you ran out of ideas.

Some nice shots and good audio i don't know if it went cringey enough but it was a good comedy


Really good editing and got the point across really well.

My thoughts are similar to MistaTeas here, the best parts were definitely the dream sequences, I think we needed a little more story to grasp onto. The title is 'Dick and Jane' so a little more of them interacting together would have been helpful for your story. Still really well shot and the audio was clear which always makes me happy.


It looked great with sharp cinematography and clear sound. Well acted, but I didn't pick up on the gross out element of the story. A confused ending was a shame as there was clearly a lot of potential here.

Very pretty looking film. Good use actors.

I found the wrap up to be quite abrupt. The premise at the centre of the film was fun but I wanted to see it go further.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Beautiful cinematography and wonderful performances with very charismatic actors. While a little light on story, I was sure this would be a shoe-in for the finals, and was sad to see it didn't make the cut.

I think this film is super charming and innocent, very gleeful. I loved how cheesy the main character was, and I LOVE the retro aesthetic that illustrates his fantasies. God this film pops.

It does feel, however, that the weakness is in the narrative - The film hides it well, but it is actually very light on story, and being that it certainly isn't your typical Cringe Comedy, does this mean the genre threw you guys? You couldn't get a handle on it?

Last year, your film "I'm Gonna" did so well because of how awesome its short concept was; two kids fantasising about who they'll be when they grow up. This year lacked that gimmick, and I think, going forward, maybe that's the way for your team to continue to thrive? Focus on a central narrative concept? Hmm, I don't want to push you guys into a style you maybe don't want to do, so I guess my point is more "This is what made your film work last year"

TITLE REVIEW: Classic! Fits the film really well.