Locked In

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The Holiday Movie
Christchurch > 04

A guy wakes up at school to find everyone gone on holiday. He’s locked in and can’t get out!

A good idea here but really he would have been able to break a window and get out. And, how long was he asleep? Nice twist finding the teacher there.

This film had a strong premise and had some good shots such as a creative topdown shot however the story lacked through the middle and end

This film had a really solid start, a rather slow middle and then a pretty messed up ending which I thought was very funny.

Some of your camera work was neat, the scene of the girls walking by is a good example. Would have been nice to see the character get more creative with his escape plans. The last scene with the teacher was weird and funny but also really hard to hear there was a lot of buzzing and crackling.

Was the teacher a real teacher at your school? Yikes hope no one fires him.

but he could have just left? fire escapes etc make schools pretty easy to get out of regardless of if no one is there and its all locked up.

not so sure we needed the extended sequence of him waking up and getting ready at the start.

perhaps i’m just sick but is as expecting the ending to get a whole lot darker than It did.

the dialogue of the teacher’s was very funny though.

I enjoyed the montage of all the fun things you can do at school by yourself

looks like everyone had fun making this, well done for getting a film in on time

Alexander Jones
city manager

I think this movie had some tonally jarring moments

It feels like you were going for a dark and tense thriller, but the only thing that really indicates this is the music.

If the music had be sillier, I think this film would have felt a little more tonally consistent, especially him begging the girls to let him out, and the montage of him doing dumb stuff around the school- very strange to see such funny moments played with ominous scary music underneath.

As other reviewers have pointed out, I'm not sure how someone could actually get locked in a school.

The ending with the teacher was pretty funny, but I think it probably could have wrapped up faster.

TITLE REVIEW: Locked In is great.