Atomic Clock

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The Real Time Movie
Christchurch > 04

A group of people receive an emergency broadcast signal. A ballistic strike is coming!

As someone who explored similar themes in real time I appreciated this. It was nicely, shot edited and paced. The final scene looked awesome.

The stand-out film of the heat. Well done!

good intro, well shot at points, throughout it had nice music and pretty good sound levels

You guys were the best film in the heat easily.

Good use of real time - splitting the story into two and following two characters journeys who then join at the end, that's a great way to keep it fresh and moving. I'm glad you guys had a good sound mix it really helps the audience follow along and not get distracted when it's easy to hear.

Tragic ending, well suited although I can't help but wonder how it would have played out if they survived in a bunker and then became friends, that would've been nice too.

A solid entry guys well done!

congratulations, one of the better team intros of the whole region!

good take on the genre. solid ending.

looks like everyone had fun making this, well done for getting a film in on time

Alexander Jones
city manager

A really cool take on the real time genre.

I think there's great storytelling here, but I think I'd have liked to have seen more.

The characters weren't nearly desperate enough to be trying to escape a missile attack in exactly 5 minutes.

Still, really solid effort! Well done.

TITLE REVIEW: Atomic Clock is a little schlocky for an otherwise pretty grounded film.