I Understand

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The Science Fiction Movie
Christchurch > 04

A scientist observes the acions of people and manipulates them to do dark deeds by following order 257.

Black Mirror inspired, perhaps? This had a cool start to establish things and the security camera footage was excellent.

Good set-up, solid acting and delivery of a complete story. Nice!

257 .... a well shot movie however the character motivation was difficult to understand at more than the surface level

While we don't exactly get to find out why the mad scientist is doing it's wicked deeds the story moves along quite well and doesn't lingre tooo long on any scene which was a nice change for this heat. The homeless person nailed looking like a homeless person. Your security camera footage was neat although jump cutting to a full screen shot of the same thing felt a little jarring. Would have been cool to see the mind control sequence shot at a few different angles so that we didn't get the same shots every time someone got brainwashed.

looks like everyone had fun making this, well done for getting a film in on time

good use of the genre. certainly a science fiction film black mirror inspired.

i just have questions about why any of the things we are seeing are happening. i can see how they are happening but why.

not the only team to do this but its weird seeing people hold phones up to their ears but not hold them against their ears. screams fake to me.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I understand the mechanics of what was happening in this film, but I don't really understand why.

Still, it holds up narratively, it wasn't difficult to follow along with the events on screen which is more than you can say for a lot of school teams.

TITLE REVIEW: iUnderstand is ofc the only title for the film.