Fancy Footwork

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The Musical OR Dance Movie
Christchurch > 04

A young women signs up to play football but ends up dancing.

Had potential but kind of drifted along with little purpose. Your best moment was your overhead drone shot which played at the end. You could have had your whole film from this perspective. Would have been a real point of difference. Also you said this was a musical but it really was dance. Just saying.

This did not really nail the genre of dance - would have been good to see the competition - nice top down shot in credits

It's a difficult genre to tackle, your guys attempt felt pretty high school musically, with the sporty kid becoming the dancing queen by accident. Some good lines between the characters, generally the film probably could have been tightened up a bit and made maybe a minute shorter.

That final shot with the credits was pretty brilliant though would have been awesome to see more of that.

nice story, but not the strongest take on the genre.

great top down shot at the end. could have done with a proper extended dance sequence if you weren’t going to do musical.

it was more a movie about dance, than a dance movie

looks like everyone had fun making this, well done for getting a film in on time

Alexander Jones
city manager

A good grip on storytelling, and an understanding of the genre and how to work through loopholes!

Loved the overhead shot in this film, when watching it originally my volunteers and I were speculating how someone could make a whole movie just from that angle.

TITLE REVIEW: Fancy Footwork is nice! Double meaning.