We spent too much money on this trip

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The Holiday Movie
Christchurch > 04

Some teens playing adults took smack about another person before going on a $10,000 holiday they hate.

Mostly out of focus and pretty shaky this was a hard watch. Some moments of gold, like the guy checking into the hotel.

Looked like you had some fun so come back in 2020!

This team used what they had and made it work and they shouldn't be affriad to ask cafe' to make the tea scene more realistic. camera was often out of focus and at one time there was a lot of focus on the importance of minor story points and not the overall story

Best part of the film that got us all in giggles was the whole 'here's your room key aannndd here's the spare key in case you loose your room key'. Part of the reason for that was in that scene the camera was nice and still and the audio was clear enough for us to understand what was happening. Next year take notes from how you shot that scene, try use those methods throughout your whole film.

looks like everyone had fun making this, well done for getting a film in on time

focus and technical issues aside. my favourite part was the drawn out exchange around booking the hotel room.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A lot of stuff happening in here, and from what I could gather of the story, it seems like this team have a pretty good understanding of structure.

As other reviewers have said, the technical aspects of this film were pretty abysmal- out of focus shots, characters talking outside of the frame, audio was hard to hear.

These things are all way easier to get better at than storytelling, so fix up your technical side and you could find yourself making some killer movies!

TITLE REVIEW: We Spent Too Much Money on this Trip is a great title. I love it.