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The Opposites Attract Movie
Christchurch > 03

That shot in the intro with the walker is super cool.
Nice message, but it is tough to have to rewind and fit everything back into the ending once you see it, especially when the next film rolls on right away.
Very dramatic lighting.

Beautiful overhead, very sleek cut. Great way to start more conversation around a huge issue for kiwis. Nice stuff.

Strong team good film, feel like it suffered from only having the dark room and the hallway sets, but overall good

The acting in this was really good, the cinematography and lighting was on point, the twist at the end was clever.

Left me with the question of whether the two interrogators were the same person? Will have to watch again to clear that up probably.

Another solid film from a great team.


Always like seeing your shorts, and full marks for tackling a big topic here. As usual, your production was good, as were performances. Unfortunately, this one didn't quite get over the line for me because the delivery of the theme felt like it came out of nowhere. I was able to see in retrospect what you were going for but in the moment my mind was far away. I think the problem might have been that because the narrative was steering me towards the mystery of the unseen perp, I wasn't thinking about the relationship of the two cops to each other (which the genre prompt already "solves" for you). And then because it's a black dog in a black room, I hardly had a second to visually process it, and intuit the implication, before the link came up and browbeat me with the message. So a combination of factors here, including a somewhat pat 'work together' ending, combined to leave me a bit unaffected. Perhaps you could have alluded to the dog aurally before we see it, or you could have cast one man in both roles so we're more liable to link them. Best of luck for finals!


A grisly veteran cop and his new rookie partner conduct an interview on a criminal suspect.

As others have said, cool looking intro and an overall super slick looking film as we've come to expect from OLP. The acting is excellent from the two leads who really deliver great character performances. The soundtrack is also super cool and the overhead shot element is beautifully integrated into the scene. When you look in retrospect at this short the "Good cop; Bad cop" routine makes a lot of sense. I was expecting the veteran cop to really unload at some point but it never really happened. Given the ending I suppose it wasn't necessary. I'd written down that the criminal voice seemed a little unearthly which I guess makes sense, again given the ending. My issue is that the title/link at the end was needed to explain the film. Could the same message have been delivered within the film itself and left the audience to figure it out? I'm all for 48HR films exploring important societal issues but I do cringe a little when the events of the film are tied together by a piece of onscreen text. It's pretty lazy.

Finals? Probably.

FINALS EDIT: The sound issues were really distracting in the big ENTX theatre as the voice of the veteran cop leap around all over the place. And people laughed when they saw the dog. Not sure if this was the intent. Likewise the final hyperlink really does diminish any impact the film might have had. Might play OK as a television PSA.

Great acting. Nice sets. Didn't quite understand if the dog was the one being interrogated.

reserving the right to re-review this film upon a second viewing. (its a very likely city finalist after all)

but honestly that might be the most scathing thing I can say about the film. it doesn’t come together until the very end, and when it does, you need to rewatch it immediately to understand what you just saw. (thankfully for the team that’s a luxury the judges can enjoy)

Impressively shot acted and scripted. strong character work throughout. I can see what the film is going for with the ending. I just don’t know if it worked for me. but then, that’s the twist ending for you right? the second viewing becomes an entirely different experience.

overall a strong take on the genre from a team that knows what they’re doing. respect from me for doing something so serious.

I do have some questions about the audio in places. was this all a deliberate effect? or did you have some audio issues that got sorted out in post?

I think that the fast paced ULTRA teams with split screen made this film stand out to me for the wrong reasons. Although it had good acting, I was a bit bored by the black backgrounds and really was expecting more visually given this team's reputation in the competition, and outstanding team intro. I hope you guys will do ULTRA next year to up the levels in creativity under pressure, and master your craft further.

Alexander Jones
city manager

This is a really great looking film, which is as to be expected from Little Old Lady. Cinematographically (is that a word?), it's perfect.

The acting between Shay and Nick is also really great, both these guys are clearly pros, and what's really good is the fact that they actually both look pretty similar - or at least their hair colour is the same uncommon light blonde, and this really adds to the reveal that they're essentially two sides of someone's mind, battling depression.

The dialogue and dynamic is top notch here.

That being said, the audio is a bit of a head scratcher, with Nick's dialogue seemingly recorded from a different type of microphone? Neither sounds better or worse, but it does feel inconsistent.

I think my biggest gripe with this story is it kind of feels like we're missing a second act (as opposed to missing a third act which is what most 48hour films are guilty of). I guess this is a way of saying the pacing of the storytelling is off, because Wallace and Johns go from opposites to attracted by the next scene, and I really didn't register any big moment of bonding between them on screen. It doesn't feel like Wallace wins Johns' favour, and it doesn't feel like Johns' grittier approach coverts Wallace either. It's almost like the opposites attracting element happens off screen, and I think, being that it's the genre's namesake, that's something we really needed to see.

TITLE REVIEW: It's good, nothing mindblowing but DECOMPRESSION works.