Internal Affair

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The Generation Gap Movie
Christchurch > 03

This film went through a few stages, a lot of time was time on establishing the government signs and more time should have been spent on character development and story as the motivations were unclear some nice shots throughout

I was very confused. I have no idea what the motivations of the characters were, or where they were, or why they were there.

The 4th wall break made me laugh though.


So, a father and son work a heist on a government department.

I liked the arrival of the sinister dude and also the final shot of the film at the harbour. Nice locations in general. Couple of times the sound seemed to be missing and the sync may have been out? Split screens worked fine to show different pieces of action.

Nice work, tackling ULTRA.


Ultra was pretty unfair this year, on top of a ton of regular prompts, so you had quite the juggle to pull off here. Unfortunately I felt the weight of all those requirements stamping down on the life of this film, which without the splitscreen and everything else could have spent a bit more time developing the character motivations and story. I thought the performances were pretty good, and you had the best split-screen shot of the heat with the dual rising garage doors. But around that, the plot was a bit muddy and the blocking made it a little unclear exactly what peril the woman was in based on ambiguous proximity to the others. Hopefully next year you get a better hand and can focus more of your time on make the narrative sing. Good luck!

I too was very confused throughout.

we can blame ultra if you would like :)

the forth wall break was funny though.

Alexander Jones
city manager

In the Drinking Game of 48Hours, you finish your drink whenever you see violence towards women.

Boy, would this film get you plastered. It's made even worse by the fact that the woman gives one of the more convincing performances in the film, and so her pleading "Help Me" to the camera was almost too real.

The only potentially redeeming factor of this story was the main character seemed to have a conscience, but then the twist ending is like "Nope, he's perfectly capable of murdering a woman". Hooray!

Why make a film where your protagonists are straight up cold hearted murderers? Even when films have morally ambiguous protagonists, they're usually somewhat of an anti-hero. These guys just end up being straight up evil, and it feels like you're expecting us to cheer them on for reaching a character resolve? But the resolve is that they're both equally bad?

Other than this, most of the film is pretty incomprehensible, I didn't fully understand the set-up until rewatching.

Also, the last 20 seconds or so of your film aren't split screen, which makes your film fail the Ultra.

TITLE REVIEW: Internal Affair is actually pretty clever, considering the plot. Probably my favourite thing about the film.