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The Real Time Movie
Christchurch > 02

This team reminds me of our first couple of films for our first years of 48Hours many years ago...

The overhead shot in this film was great especially when the four characters came together - I can imagine they felt very bad-ass seeing that scene come together. Large chunks of the audio was missing, and you could really tell as you could cut the silence with a knife - for next year, I'd make sure there's some background music or something at the very least. I'm eager to see what this team will be delivery in a few years time ....

Loved the overhead shot when everyone came into frame. Great story! Loved the twist at the end. Great work, guys!


A group of serious minded young people need to come together in order to bring back the uncle of one of them.

As others mentioned, the overhead of the group coming together is the highlight of this short. There were lots of silences were audio was missing and lots of lingering before we cut to the next scene. It certainly could have been snappier in pacing and what you can also work-on is more purposeful dialogue to push the story along. Good signs though as the story itself showed a level of complexity.

Well done!

A good effort from a young, and I assume, first time team. As mentioned, that overhead shot down the stairwell was especially awesome and the most memorable moment of the film. There were moments it could have used some music for atmosphere, but I enjoyed the quiet in some parts as well.
There is no need to try and fill the time limit, don't be afraid to make your film shorter and snappier to avoid it dragging.

seems like there was quite an ambitious plot at the heart of this film.

but for me what it boiled down to was a bunch of characters on phone calls holding phones in the weirdest way possible? like is that how you hold a phone when you’re on a call? (stupid point to make I know)

my main feedback would be to tell it with a cut, a lot of very dull shots of people walking. or at least fill it with some music?

the top down shot was very cool though. highlight of the film for sure.

great quality of audio actually too. well done to whoever was in charge of that! extremely clean recordings.

oh, and i have in my notes don’t put on a ‘movie accent’ :)

dID yOU gUyS sEE thAt gReAT OvErHEad sHot? :P

Literally alllll of the story was packed into the final 10 seconds of the film when the kid gets bagged. Everything up to that was very very slow and quiet. Be sure to tighten everything up so that the film keeps moving forward.

A real time movie should begin with an exciting event instead of leading to one, the long shots of random typing people walking and talking on phone were very very long, the edit should have cut the start of each shot so the actors don't look like they have just been told action, by completely dropping the audio and only having it during talking it made the long shots seem even longer

Alexander Jones
city manager

The main thing I remember thinking about this film was that it needed music! A lot of the scenes feel like they're supposed to play out quite tense, but its deathly quiet.

Loved the overhead shot.

Better equipment would have been great, and I encourage you for next time, if you only have child actors, you should make a story about children. It felt a bit ridiculous to see these kids acting like spies and Gmen and talking in technical jargon.

Kids movies about kids starring kids are always the best way to go.

TITLE REVIEW: Twins is a good title because it helped me realise that the twins weren't just the same character at different times, which is something that would have invalidated your genre.