Rocky Jones is an Evil Man

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The Secret Identity Movie
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This film had a really strong opening - the flashing text was great and the juxtaposition of the character whipping the character on the sidewalk with the chain and the way the team name comedy was presented was a great gag (I don't know whether this is intentional or not, but I'd own it either way). It kind of fell away a bit from there though and seemed to end way sooner than it should have. If this team carried the strong opening across the whole film - this team would be a force to be reckoned with!

This film had real potential and didn't quite make it all the way there. Production wise, it is a slick piece with great editing, lighting and direction, and a strong performance from the lead actor. Something was missing from the story, making it feel less Secret Identity and more thriller. I think we needed more of the other side of Rocky Jones, the good side, to compare against the terrible things he has done. It seemed like it was struggling to fit itself into the 5 minute timeframe and the end result suffered for it.

I couldn’t follow it sorry.

You had some really well lit shots and some nice dialogue from the lead. I think you guys needed more time to establish who this guy was and why we should care.

I believe part of the secret identity movie is to establish both identities, this film never introduced the 'real life' and i believe it suffered because of that, camera, sound and edit were good


A man leads a double-life as a caring family man and a brutal enforcer.

Pretty cool start and I liked how it got in your face with some brutal looking violence. The over-arching story of this being a confessional/self-eulogy was also a cool idea. I think it's an excellent point made above by J Frog (and others!) that the secondary identity wasn't equally portrayed. So our focus is really on the enforcer and whether we empathise with his situation or not.

ARA supported? B-School? Regardless, good stuff.

Alexander Jones
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I have a feeling a lot of the film was lost in the edit here.

I had a little trouble following along with the story, and even then it feels like all the exciting stuff happened off screen.

The flashing text was a bold start, but "WHY WAS HE SUCH A GREAT BUSINESS PARTNER" is such an out of the blue question that it really caught me off guard and made me laugh- not sure if this was your intention.

Felt like this film was very short too, we just kinda begin and end with a bang, and again, the story was so under the radar that I am struggling to remember it as I type this.

TITLE REVIEW: It's cool. Evocative. I like it.